Common Wedding Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Common Wedding Mistakes & How to Avoid Them


Everyone wants to have the perfect wedding day, the perfect ceremony, the perfect reception. That being said, it’s a near universal truth that something is bound to go wrong on your wedding day whether it be during the planning of the event, on the day itself, or in a cascade of mishaps throughout the entire process. There are certainly incidents and accidents that will be unavoidable, like snagging your dress before you make it to the ceremony, or a toddler guest sticking their fingers into the cake before it’s been cut. However, there are a number of common mistakes made by many, even before the wedding takes place, that can easily be avoided to save you from some of the unnecessary stress that comes with the day.

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Improper Budgeting

It can be easy to get over-excited about all of the things you want to buy, book, rent, and incorporate into the ceremony/reception. You fall down the Pinterest rabbit-hole, and the next thing you know, you’ve spent more money on decorations alone than you’d originally planned to spend on catering. An easy way to avoid this is to make the first step of your wedding planning process a thorough budgeting session with your significant other.

Make nothing in the discussion off-limits! Find out if the “tradition” of the father of the bride (or another relative from either party) contributing to the funding of the wedding is an option. Examine your savings and see where you might be able to cut costs in your day-to-day spending habits for a while. Determine the planning areas in which limits can be rigidly set (for example: Do you really need an enormous bouquet of flowers on each table at the reception?) and where you’d ideally like to be able to spend a little more (for example: wedding photograph is very important to you). When mapping out the finances of a wedding, every little bit counts, so make sure you’re fully aware of where your money is coming from and where it’ll be going.

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Hiring the Wrong Photographer

It’s likely that those of you who are doing research for your wedding have already glanced at the websites of potential wedding photographers for the event. It might be tempting to choose a photographer based on budget alone, but keep in mind these are pictures you’re going to look back on for the rest of your life. Sure, you want them to be beautiful, but you also want them to reflect the real relationship you have with your significant other. Find a wedding photographer whose style you feel an instant connection with but also aim to find someone who allows you to be you. Are you and your spouse super romantic and want more of an editorial and artistic approach?  Or are you a little bit silly and prefer a wedding photographer who is going to encourage laughter.  It is so important to meet with your photographer in person to determine if there is a connection and you can trust this person to document one of the most meaningful days in your life.  If you have it in your wedding budget I would strongly recommend and engagement session where you and your spouse can get to know your photographer and practice in front of the camera.  This also helps to really a bit more realized the day of knowing your wedding photographer is going to make you look great!

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Choosing the Wrong Music

Some people know straight away whether they would prefer a live band or a DJ at their wedding reception. Others find the decision to be a difficult one and may find themselves wondering things like, “What if the band is terrible live?” or“What if the DJ plays music we hate but forgot to put on the “do-not-play” list?”

Nothing ruins a reception faster than bad music, so it’s worthwhile to spend a significant amount of time researching bands and DJ’s in your venue area. Learn about their specialties, their preferred musical styles, their onstage personalities; go see them perform ahead of time if you can! Schedule a meeting with performers you’re interested in and discuss in depth what your wedding would look like with them being a part of it. With any luck, your careful music choices will create the perfect soundtrack for the night.

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Focusing Too Much on Accommodating Others

This is your day, after all! It’s more than okay to be a little bit selfish! There’s going to be a lot of pressure to invite certain people or to appease some of your less-than-pleasant guests with the perfect seating arrangements, but keep in mind the fact that your wedding day isn’t about everyone else. It should primarily be about you, your significant other, and the celebration of your love and commitment to one another. So instead of stressing endlessly over how to make the day better for your friends and family, direct your attention toward the things about the event that are going to make you and your spouse happiest.


Congratulations, and enjoy!

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